Sherna Madan, MD
Specializing in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology

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About Dr. Madan
Sherna Madan, MD, is a physician in private practice and is trained in internal medicine and endocrinology and metabolism. Her areas of special interest include cardiovascular risk management, hormone replacement therapy for men and women, management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, thyroid disorders, and weight management. She received her medical degree from UCLA Medical School and completed a residency in Internal Medicine as well as a fellowship in Endocrinology and Metabolism at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in West Los Angeles. She also holds a C.Phil. in Biochemistry from the UCLA Graduate School.
Dr. Madan's past professional activities include Associate Directorship of the Diabetes Center at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City. She was the Chair of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and a member of the Physicians' Well Being Committee at Sequoia Hospital. From 2000 to 2008, she also managed the Diabetes/Heart Clinic on the Spinal Cord Injury Unit at the Veterans Administration Palo Alto Health Care System.
As a leader in her field, Dr. Madan was a member of the Speakers Bureau for a number of pharmaceutical companies. In past, she has presented Grand Rounds at local hospitals and participated in providing Continuing Medical Education for fellow physicians. She has additional expertise in dyslipidemia, having completed the Lipid Disorders training program of the American Heart Association.
For more detailed information, please view Dr. Madan's Curriculum Vitae.
Dr. Madan believes in comprehensive health management that incorporates preventive medicine, high-quality patient care and education, and access to new diagnostic and treatment advances. She is committed to helping her patients understand the biology underlying any disease or disorder. Through affiliation with outstanding researchers and clinicians, Dr. Madan has developed a style of practice that draws on the latest scientific advances in endocrinology, lipidology, and cardivascular therapy.

Sherna Madan, MD  |  39 Birch Street Suite C  |  Redwood City CA 94062  |  650 631 6800
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